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PMG Patent Attorneys is an international patent firm that was originally formed by the combination of Matsuura & Associates and M. Aikawa & Associates in April 2012. In January 2016, Honda International Patent Office joined the firm and established PMG Patent Attorneys. In July 2022 Kanzaki and Company joined the firm and Makoto Kanzaki assumed the position of President.

Prior to combining forces, Matsuura & Associates was founded by Takashi Matsuura in January 1989; M. Aikawa & Associates was founded by Mamoru Aikawa in November 1991; and Honda International Patent Office was founded by Takashi Honda in April 1977; and Kanzaki and Company was founded by Shin’ichiro Kanzaki in September 1981. And Kanzaki Patent Office was also taken over by Makoto Kanzaki in July 2018.

Each firm has built up strong relationships representing clients through the prosecution of patent and trademark applications. By bringing the four firms together, not only has the scope of technical expertise expanded, but the overall client experience has also benefited from the integration of general know-how accumulated by each firm.

PMG Patent Attorneys is a boutique firm of four Patent Attorneys supported by a three-member technical staff, most of whom have more than 10 years of experience in a wide range of technological fields. Former Matsuura & Associates developed a strong network of overseas patent firms, M. Aikawa & Associates and Kanzaki and Company primarily focused on delivering a comprehensive range of superior services to mostly domestic clients, and Honda International Patent Office specialized in filing domestic applications for electronics and medical instrumentation manufacturers. By combining the specific expertise of each former firm, PMG Patent Attorneys has improved the service and support it provides for clients filing either domestic or international applications.

PMG Patent Attorneys
Place Konwa Bldg.
12-22, Tsukiji 1-chome
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045
Phone TEL:813-6226-6311  FAX:813-6226-6421
Established Formed in April 2012 by the combination of Matsuura & Associates (established in 1989) and M. Aikawa & Associates (established in 1991).
IP information coming soon PMG Patent Attorneys tel:813-6226-6311


Mr. KANZAKI Makoto joined PMG patent Attorneys to become the President, and Mr. MATSUURA Takashi retired from the President.
The Akasaka office was consolidated with PMG Patent Attorneys to establish one central location housing all of PMG Patent Attorneys.
Honda International Patent Office merged with PMG Patent Attorneys in January 2016 and continues to represent clients as PMG Patent Attorneys / Akasaka Office.
Our office moved to the new location indicated at the bottom of this page on July 12, 2014.
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PMG Patent Attorneys

Konwa Bldg. 12-22, Tsukiji 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045
TEL:813-6226-6311 FAX:813-6226-6421

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