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To customers from overseas

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Due to the global nature of our business, it is common for companies to seek intellectual property rights in a number of different countries. Needless to say, a patent attorney should be very familiar with the patent practice in his own country, and at PMG Patent Attorneys we put great effort into ensuring that we are continuously up-to-date with the Japanese practice in order to obtain the broadest possible patent rights for our clients.


However, there are some differences between the Japanese patent practice and those in foreign countries. These differences often cause confusion for foreign clients who do not understand why their inventions are not patentable in Japan despite being patented in other countries. To alleviate this situation, we advise foreign clients on the best possible strategy for obtaining the broadest possible patent right based on the Japanese patent practice and also explain the differences that distinguish the Japanese patent practice from those of other countries. The training that our attorneys have undergone at patent law firms in Europe and North America has proven to be invaluable for our foreign and domestic clients who file patent applications in Japan and abroad, respectively.

It is our understanding that many foreign companies have had trouble with patent applications when dealing with the Japanese Patent Office. We believe that such problems are the result of insufficient communication or the reluctance of patent attorneys in Japan to communicate with their foreign clients. In view of this, we take particular care to fully communicate all necessary information to our clients in order to obtain the strongest possible patent rights.

For more information on our work, please refer to the “PROSECUTION POLICY” section.


  1. We translate the English text into natural clear Japanese, using standard Japanese technical terms.
  2. If there is an unclear portion in the English text, we ask the client to clarify the unclear portion, and then translate that portion to clear Japanese.
  3. If the original text does not sufficiently disclose the invention according to Japanese patent practice, we consult the client and add additional information to the Japanese translation.
  4. If a claim is not fully supported by the description, we confirm this with the client and add a proper explanation to the description.
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  1. We send the client an original copy of the Official Action with a brief comment regarding the cited references, as soon as possible.
  2. At the client’s request, we prepare a thorough analysis of the Official Action.
  3. We send a proposed amendment to the client for confirmation, before filing the same at the JPO.
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In summary, and as a matter of policy, we involve the client in all necessary decisions affecting the patentability of an application.

We maintain a clear communication channel with the client to facilitate an accurate understanding of the client's needs and requirements.

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Mr. KANZAKI Makoto joined PMG patent Attorneys to become the President, and Mr. MATSUURA Takashi retired from the President.
The Akasaka office was consolidated with PMG Patent Attorneys to establish one central location housing all of PMG Patent Attorneys.
Honda International Patent Office merged with PMG Patent Attorneys in January 2016 and continues to represent clients as PMG Patent Attorneys / Akasaka Office.
Our office moved to the new location indicated at the bottom of this page on July 12, 2014.
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