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Terms Of Use

This website is operated by PMG Patent Attorneys. This is a statement of the terms of use for the website of PMG Patent Attorneys

Copyright and Related Issues

In principle, our firm has the copyright of all the publishing things in this site. You are prohibited from reprinting, reproducing, translating, and modifying, translating and modifying these publishing things without permission, except that it is admitted by the copyright.

About the link

It is basically free to link with this site. However, depending on the content of your site, we might refuse the link. When you link with this site, send a message to us please.

Change, discontinuance and abolition of service

Contents and the service of this site might be changed, be discontinued, and be abolished by occasion of the server management and the site management. Please be forewarned.


Our firm make assurance doubly sure on the information described in this site. However, we cannot assume all the responsibilities about mistake on site of contents and about the trouble between the customer and the third party when you use this site.

Moreover, we cannot assume all the responsibilities of the accident on software and hardware originating in the use of this site and other damage, etc. Please be forewarned.

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